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RF(Radio Frequency) Survey

RF(Radio Frequency) Resourcess

The ultimate goal of a RF site survey by Takshak Group is to acquire ample information to determine the number and placement of access points that allows optimal coverage throughout the facility. RF site survey is carried out in the following steps:

1. Collect list of Nominals to be surveyed, from the customer. In case of new town surveys where Nominals are not provided, Takshak Group will survey the town and provide a nominal for suitable site location.

2. Use the survey report template forwarded by the customer.

3. Identify physical location of the proposed nominal and locate 3 candidates (maximum) for each nominal, as per search ring size suggested by the customer.

4. Survey the site for RF suitability.

5. Record Latitude and Longitude, building height etc. of the proposed candidates.

6. Estimate and provide required GSM Antenna heights and orientation, proposed tower / pole location (s) will also be marked on a rough sketch of the building (rooftop) or ground site (for each candidate).

7. Take site photographs (360 degrees panoramic view and building / site elevation) for each candidate as given in the survey template by you.

8. Record physical addresses of the candidates and site owner / manager contact details (where available) Complete the Site Survey Candidate evaluation report.

RF Optimization

Takshak Telecom Pvt. Ltd. offers RF Optimization Services for existing/new GSM and CDMA network operators. This service is performed as a continuous RF engineering activity for preventive maintenance. It ensures optimum network performance to meet the Quality of Service (QoS) targets of the customer. Quality of Service (QOS) targets as per the Operatorsí specifications: Coverage of Service Area: Urban, Suburban, Roads or the Rural areas Call Success Rate Minimizing Handover failures Rx quality Improve Speech Quality Index for higher Network quality Satisfied customers resulting in low churn Efficient network utilization Reduced investment costs and increased revenue for the customers

KPI Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are a measure of successful network performance and its quality. With growing customer base and continuous addition of capacity and coverage sites, operators need to continuously monitor the KPIs of their network to assess service quality. Asterís experienced team of RF engineers are highly capable of providing regular KPI collection, analysis and customer presentations.